Saturday, July 25, 2009

I need your help, please

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I got sucked into the world of Farm Town, lol. I finally made it back to reality and have found out all that "farming" has turned my brain to mush. I recently finished this great new alpha and cannot for the life of me come up with a catchy-yet-discriptive name for it. I am calling on you to help me. Here is the preview:


I really do LOVE it, but am just plain stuck for a name. Here's the deal. If you help me by posting a name suggestion, I will choose one person at random to receive this alpha for FREE. And of course, if I use the name you suggested, you will get the alpha FREE as well as a discount code for one of my stores. So, leave me some comments and name ideas here. I am going to a family reunion tomorrow and will be back late Saturday. I will give you until Sunday evening to post a comment with a name suggestion. Then Monday, I will reveal the name I have choosen as well as the winners. Thank so much for your help.


  1. Geometric Grunge

    hehe, guess it's grungy something huh?

    Fabulous alpha :)

  2. makes me think of a

    "Rootbeer Float"

    Great Alpha

  3. I would call them Farm Alpha :)) your thoughts are so much about farming, so I think it influenced your alpha :)

  4. What about Grid Grunge Alpha? This is way cute! Kathy70

  5. It reminds me of muddy blueprints. Like Muddstruction or... Clearly I need more coffee at 430pm. Love the alpha!!